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The Life of a Hobby Breeder

So we are breeding this time around. While I love having the puppies I can't say that I don't find the whole thing to be very stressful. Between the running back and forth to the vet and finding great families; if I didn't already have grey hair I would certainly be adding greys.

During the pandemic there were tons of puppy people calling and emailing and that seems to have gone away. Not totally a bad thing but finding great families now seems to be harder and with that my finding families anxiety has gone up.

So for the first time in a long time we have room on our waiting list for this up coming litter. The litter I am probably going to be breeding tomorrow. The repeat of the litter that produced our beautiful Sheldon as well as our other two performance puppies Amos and Wilson as well as some great pets who are loved an adored by their families. The litter that I am breeding so I can have a lovely girl to follow in Polly's footsteps and one that won't get messed up by a stupid pandemic.

As of a couple hours ago I was pretty sure I was going to cancel the litter. It was just stressing me out but I have a great family waiting and after a bit of consideration and a conversation with Craig we have decided to just go for it. We have five months to find great families..... but oyyyy the stress.

What I really want to be thinking about right now.... my garden. I am a garden designer in the summer when I am not teaching at the university and there is a saying about the cobblers children.... the same is true for the garden designers garden; but here I am, thinking about driving to Erie PA for Polly to meet her boyfriend....

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