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Located in mid-state New Hampshire.  Milbrose is a mix of Craig's grandparents names Mildred and Ambrose and it is the name that they would register Holsteins under.  When it came time for us to choose a kennel name it seemed to be a natural fit.

We have a Kennel name but we do not have a kennel.  Our dogs are our pets and family members first and foremost.  They live in the house, lay on the sofa, and sleep in the bedroom. 


Our first golden/lab mixes arrived here at Milbrose in the early 80's.  Of course at that time we had no idea that the puppies Craig picked up from a free to a good home box at a local feed store would turn into a lifelong obsession.  Craig had fallen in love with Shadow from the movie Homeward Bound and when Emily and Oliver left us for the Summerlands, the one thing we knew was that a golden retriever was in the cards. 

Connor joined our family a year later, we were looking for a lovely pet.  I had no idea even how to find a well bred puppy, the days of searching the newspaper pet column were long gone.  I called around and talked to several people and finally spoke to a golden breeder who despite not having any puppies spent hours on the phone with me.  She answered all of my questions, she explained health clearances and how to identify a responsible breeder and then she gave me some names of people she knew were having litters.  We ended up getting a puppy from one of those breeders and we added two puppies to our family.  A Flat Coated retriever called Meghan, and our golden Connor.  


The breeders of both of these puppies asked how we would feel about showing the puppies.  This was something we had never done before and had no idea about, but we jumped in.  Meghan the FCR was a star in the ring and with her we met wonderful friends and showed at Westminster and caught the bug.  Connor ended up not being a show dog but he was a GREAT obedience dog and that ended up being the arena that Craig loves best. 

In the years since Connor and Meghan we have continued our golden retriever lines.  We have had Canadian show champions and many obedience trial placements and titles.  We have worked toward a lovely blend of "English" and "American" style dogs who are not only easy to live with and have that classic Golden Retriever temperament but are also just beautiful dogs.


Unfortunately, as with all things, Covid put everything on hold for a while, but we are back at it. We are currently competing in conformation, obedience and rally.  We are training in agility, scentwork and dock diving. 

Puppies born here at Milbrose live throughout the United States and Canada.  They are titled in a variety of venues and work a variety of jobs.  Our puppies and their families are active in therapy work, obedience, rally obedience, dock diving, agility, nosework, barn hunt and others. 

If you think you might be interested in a Milbrose puppy please do contact us

The Gang


Milbrose Polish the Stars


Milbrose Crescent Moon Pie


Milbrose Allons-Y CDX, RA


Milbrose Buttermint


Milbrose Where the Sidewalk Ends


Milbrose Faeries in the Fiddle

The token Wolfhound

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