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The Dogs

The Dogs here are family members first and foremost.  They live in the house and sleep on the sofa.  We never place our adult dogs, they are members of our family forever.  The dogs that you see on this page were all born here at Milbrose and when they are ready to go off to the summerlands they will leave from here as well with us at their side. 

They are busy and we view training and proper behavior as an important aspect of our responsibility to them  A well trained dog can do so many more things that other dogs can not do because of behavioral issues.  Dogs do not live long enough and we want them to be able to participate in as many things as they can while they are here. 

During Covid we retired a few of the dogs.  Louise, Kenna, Curb and Rhys were all retired and while Covid put a damper on our plans for the past few years we are back in the ring.  Sheldon and Polly are working on Obedience, Rally, Dock Diving, FAST-Cat, Scentwork and agility at this time and our latest addition Maria will begin her life here at Milbrose just learning how to be a well behaved puppy.


If you are interested in what the dogs are doing please follow us on social media.  The link is on the HOME page.  


Milbrose Polish the Stars

Can you see the attitude?  This is Polly, she is first on this list of dogs because she is the boss of the house.  Not the people of course but she is definitely our top dog.  She is smarter than any dog I have ever known.  She is the classic golden retriever, ready to go when I am ready to go and very happy to lay on your lap and chill.  She is working in obedience and rally at the moment.


Milbrose Crescent Moon Pie

Sheldon is a sweet, sensitive boy who is also very smart.   He is not quite two yet but we have high hopes for him.  He is currently working on scentwork, obedience, rally and agility.  He will be back in the conformation ring in the spring when we can show outside.  He is not available at stud at this time as he does not have all of his health clearances but he is hopeful that someday he will be.



Milbrose Gaultheria Procumbens

Maria from our 2023 litter is the baby of the family.  At this time she is learning manners and she has almost mastered the no pottying in the house.  She is an energetic girl with an off switch.  She has started obedience, agility and she loves to swim.  We have high hopes for her to continue our Milbrose line in the coming years.


Milbrose Buttermint

Louise is our happy happy girl.  She is mostly interested in doing things her own way, at her own speed, in her own time.  I have done several heeling patterns by myself while she sat watching me at the start.  Right about the time I felt that she was solid enough to enter her in a trial again Covid hit and our plans were dashed.  She is the mother of Polly and Curb and is now happily living the retirement life. 


Milbrose Allons-Y

Rhys became Craigs obedience/rally dog after Emmett retired.  He has several High in Trials under his belt and is overall a great dog.  He will come and see Stephanie when Craig is not available but as a general rule he is Craigs boy.  From our Doctor Who Litter, he is now ten and living his best life on the sofa. 


Milbrose Where the Sidewalk Ends

Curb is our special boy.  He was never meant to stay here at Milbrose.  I had a great home lined up for him but sometimes there is a puppy who just can't leave, and Curb was that puppy.  We had noticed that he had a very odd shaped head as a infant.  This was the first time I had done a breeding using an "American Style" dog so I thought ok, perhaps it is just a stage that these dogs go through that I am not used to.  As he got older his head became increasingly odd, his eyes were not set properly and I was fairly certain he had vision issues.  I took him for an eye exam and while there was nothing structurally wrong with his eyes, we do know that Curb does not have great vision or depth perception.  He does have repetitive behaviors and does not like change at all.  That having been said he is the most affectionate dog in the house and I thank my stars that he stayed here with us. 


Milbrose Faeries in the Fiddle

Oyyyy Kenna..... Kenna is beautiful, she is structurally gorgeous and just a beautiful hound who had a very very bad experience with a handler at a dog show and is now fearful of people.  I had heard of this happening but have never experienced this in the past.  What this does tell me is that Kenna is a wonderful, sweet, special dog but that she is not resilient and as such she was never bred and is perfectly happy just hanging out at home.  Irish Wolfhounds don't live nearly long enough and given that, whatever makes her happy is what matters most.  

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