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No Litters Planned at this time.  Next litter 2026

So you think you want a Milbrose puppy?

Well, lets talk about that...

As you have probably realized we don't breed very often.  On average we might have a litter every 3-4 years.  We only breed when we personally want a puppy.  Breeding is always a risk and as such we will not risk our girls for a litter that we aren't planning to keep a puppy from.  Because we breed so seldom, this means that puppies are in demand and most folks wait quite a while before their puppy heads home.  However, that is not always the case.  Sometimes people will drop off the list because their circumstances have changed and sometimes we have a larger than expected litter.  In other words, it never hurts to ask. 

We do try and bring up puppies more naturally here.  I do advocate for minimal vaccines and either a raw diet or a high quality kibble.  I do everything in my power to make sure that when your puppy heads home that they are ready to begin a healthy, happy life with you and your family. 

So what are we looking for:

Our puppies are all over Canada and the United States.  We have puppies out in Montana and puppies up in Alberta, Canada.  We have many families who live in the New England and Atlantic regions here in the states.  With this having been said it is important to know that we do not ever ship puppies.  Every family who has a puppy from us has come to New Hampshire to pick up the kiddo.  We are happy to have you take your puppy on a plane, under a seat, or drive out and pick them up, but they absolutely can not go into the underbelly of the plane as cargo. 

We do consider all families equally.  We have had families with infants and young children that are great families.  We have had families that are living in high rises in NYC and also those with lots of land.  We have had families with chronic illnesses and disabilities.  It all depends on the family.  The thing is that getting a puppy from a reputable breeder means that you are also getting the breeder as a resource over the next hopefully 15 years.  This means that everyone has to feel comfortable.  This means that when you come to our house to meet the dogs and us, we need to meet everyone in the family; this includes the children.  If this is not possible then we can not fully approve your family for a puppy until such time that we can meet everyone. We need to be comfortable with you and YOU need to be comfortable with us. 

If you are in a place where you can have a fence well you need to have a fence.  We can tell you that fencing is the first thing that we will ask about.  Now of course we understand if you live in an apartment or condo and you can't put up a fence; but if you can put up a fence then we do expect that a fence will be put up.  We absolutely prefer a physical fence but we can discuss the fencing situation.  If you don't have the ability to put up a fence then we are going to want to know how you will manage your puppies housebreaking and exercise needs.

All puppies here are sold on a Limited Registration.  This means that you can not breed your puppy ever and we do have a pretty strict contract that covers breeding. We will ask you to spay or neuter your puppy. 

We do have a right of first refusal clause.  This means if you ever can't keep your dog, whether they are 2 or 10, they must come back to us.  This provision is actually one that most puppy families like, no matter what happens you know that your dog will always have a safe place to go to.

We do keep puppies to 12 weeks.  This is a full month longer than most breeders.  We really do feel that this is good for the puppies.  In many other breeds 12-16 weeks is the norm.  Toy breeds never go home before 16 weeks and hounds typically stay until 12 weeks.  Sporting dogs tend to go home a bit earlier but after having wolfhound litters it became clear how beneficial those extra weeks were to the puppy.  Not only do they learn to speak dog better by spending more time with their mother and siblings but they are also very ready to join your family.  They are sleeping through the night, we have had time to do some basic training and it just seems to work out better for everyone. 

There is of course more to it than this but these are the basics.  Please understand that our responsibility is to the puppies that we had a hand in bringing into the world.  Once you have a Milbrose puppy then our responsibility is to both your family AND the puppy, and even though they are your puppy, they will always be our puppy too. 

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